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Square Plug

Square Plug of Pipe Plug

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  • Model: Square Plug
  • Brand:Constant

Product Description

Square plug is another type of pipe fitting used in various applications. Square plugs are designed to be fit into holes or cavities. They are used for the ends of shafts, tubes, pipes, fittings, connectors, screws, bars, or other shapes. Pipe plugs are available in various shapes and materials. They also come in a variety of different cross sections. The most popular category is the square plug.

Materials used:
Materials used in the making of square plugs are as follows:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Cast iron etc.

Features of square plugs:
Some of the common features of square plugs are as follows:

  • Threaded: Threaded square plugs have a female thread.
  • Tapered: The thread of the square plug can be straight or tapered (NPT). The tapered thread provides a snug fit. Tapered square plugs are versatile. They can be used for straight tubes and bars, male and female NPT threads, and male straight threads.
  • Expanded square plug: Expanding square plugs are used in moderate pressure applications, like condenser and heat exchanger tubes.
  • Square plugs with with lift or pull tabs which allow easy removal.
  • The square plugs with ribs are on the mating part of the plug which help to provide a secure fit inside a tube.