Focused in hardware industry from 2007

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Ningbo Constant Hardware Co., Ltd was incorporated in 2007 and focused in fasteners, screw plug, pipe plug and ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) Cleaning System.

Brief introduction

Ningbo Constant was founded in 2007 with one primary goal: to provide exceptional service to our customers. That high standard has made us a leader in the fastener industry today.

Now, we are considered the leading manufacturer of High Tensile, DIN, ASTM and Stainless Steel Fasteners.

We have all in-house manufacturing facilities like forging, heat-treatment, cold roll threading, machining which are required for making studs, bolts, nuts & washers. We also have in-house testing facilities like Hardness test, Tensile Test, NDT Test etc.

Our customers depend upon precision and quality, so we hold our products to the highest industry standards through comprehensive testing and quality assurance. We carry an experience-driven inventory, so we have the standard stock and specialty metal alloys you need. Manufactured to last, our products have the strength and durability to withstand your toughest application.