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Constant Products carries bolts, washers and socket screws in various sizes for applications ranging from sheet metal to wood. Our assortments of nuts and bolts, when combined with our washers and retaining rings, provide complete fastener coverage for your on-site applications.

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Screw Plug & Pipe Plug

Constant is the go-to company for several of the world's largest power plants, refineries, and chemical facilities for header plugs / shoulder plugs. We pride ourselves on our rapid production capabilities, quick turnaround times, and flexbility to produce our plugs in almost any combination of metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and brass are standard), coatings (cadmium, electroless nickel, galvanized, nickel, zinc or uncoated) and size.

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ACC Cleaning System

Keeping the finned tube surfaces of your air cooled condenser or fin fan unit clean is imperative to maintaining optimal performance and reliability. Units fouled with dust, dirt, debris, pollen, leaves and other deposits can rob your plant of precious output. And as ambient temperatures climb, the impact of surface fouling will cost you even more. Utilizing the latest in precision high-pressure water jetting technology, Constant’s ACC cleaning system has been used in hundreds of power plants, petrochemical plants and refineries worldwide.

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  • Windturbines

    Fasteners are applied on nearly every windturbine application: foundation bolts (anchor rods), tower segments bolts, nacelle application bolts...

  • Oil, Gas & Petro-Chemical

    Constant supplies fasteners for use in the Oil, Gas, and Petro-Chemical industries worldwide.

  • Automotive industry

    Whatever your needs for OEM quality automotive fasteners and small parts we are able to source and supply them with low minimum...

  • Air Cooled Condesner

    Constant’s air-cooled condenser (ACC) cleaning service has been used on air-cooled condensers in power, petrochemical and pro...

Why Us

A well trained & experienced team of about 100 qualified personnel are catering fasteners as per the customer requirements. Our supply is mainly in many fields.

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An ISO/CE certified company; we leverage the synergies of technology, deep in...

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We leverage the synergies of efficient processes, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing units capable of functioning at high capacities to deliver your cust...

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