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Hanger Bolt Fully Threaded

Fully Threaded Hanger Bolts Are Designed To Hang Material From Wooden Structures And For Suspending Electrical Wiring Or Sheet Metal.

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  • Model: Hanger Bolt
  • Brand:Constant

Product Description

Fully Threaded Hanger Bolts are fully threaded with wood screw thread at one end and unified thread at the other for insertion into a pre-drilled pilot hole. The end of the wood thread is tapered all the way to its blunt tip. The lag is wrenched into the wood and the assembly is completed after applying a nut. Durable steel construction provides long lasting reliability and strength. Available overall lengths range from 5/8 to 5 inches. Fastener finishes are Stainless Steel and Zinc. Package quantities range between 10 and 5000. Diameters and thread pitches vary per model.