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ACC Cleaning

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  • Model: ACC Cleaning
  • Brand:Constant

Product Description

Keeping the finned tube surfaces of your air cooled condenser or fin fan unit clean is imperative to maintaining optimal performance and reliability. Units fouled with dust, dirt, debris, pollen, leaves and other deposits can rob your plant of precious output.  And as ambient temperatures climb, the impact of surface fouling will cost you even more. Utilizing the latest in precision high-pressure water jetting technology, Constant’ cleaning system has been used in hundreds of power plants, petrochemical plants and refineries worldwide. It uses high-volume, high-pressure water to clean the tube bundles. Air-cooled condensers have different configurations according to manufacturers’ designs and cooling requirements and Constant's equipment can adapt to different configurations by changing the angle at which the water hits the tube bundle. Plain water, usually from the power plant’s own fire water system, is used, eliminating environmental concerns. A portable pump that is part of the cleaning system generates up to 1,800 psi water pressure.

Features of ACC cleaning system

1. Cleaning ladder move full automatically in vertical and horizon

2. Rubber pipe move full automatically in working status

3. Cable move full automatically

4. Water pump move full automatically

5. Whole control system start-stop full automatically(all control signal are connected to control room and can be remote control)

6. With the CCTV camera, all operators can monitor the cleaning system real-time which make sure the system under safety control


Increase your Air Cooled Condenser’s efficiency by up to 60%.

Clean ACC units online, reducing outages and maintenance costs.

Faster Cleaning – driven at optimal speed, the nozzles clean 325 square feet per hour.

Greater Effectiveness – more effective than hand water lancing, foam wash or fire hose.

No Waiting – fast production rates, no wait time for heat exchanger cooling

Complete cleaning jobs that nobody else can do, in less time, with higher safety standards.

Safer – no personnel on scaffolds or exposed to hot, humid conditions during operations.